Will Bankruptcy prevent me from obtaining credit again to buy a house or car?

Although bankruptcy filing damages your credit, it does not prevent you from borrowing again. There are several factors lender considers to lend to borrower: how much down payment the borrower proposed to put down, amount of borrower’s income net expenses, and borrower’s credit after bankruptcy filing. Is there any delinquency, eviction, tax liens, judgement, repossession, foreclosure, etc after your bankruptcy filing? Some lenders will outright reject your application because of recent bankruptcy filing. Other lenders will charge you a higher interest rate. Whatever the case maybe if you have insurmountable debt that you cannot realistically payoff, your best option is to file for bankruptcy so that you can get a fresh start and begin rebuilding your credit and move forward. There are 2 types of bankruptcy filing Muoi Chea Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer, Modesto Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you with, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. My offices are located in Sacramento, Stockton, and Fairfield, California to better serve people with financial problems throughout a Northern and Central California.