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Starting 499+ Bankruptcy Attorney Roseville CA, Rocklin, Placer County CA | Muoi Chea - Attorney at Law

Bankruptcy Attorney Roseville CA can help you eliminate or restructure your debts.

Are you tired of making payments on your credit cards and personal loans without seeing reduction in principal?

With the astronomical high interest rates, you might feel stuck with your debt even though you are paying it every month. The minimum payment is barely enough to cover the interest rates and penalties at best. If you plan is to purchase a home, you might have difficulties qualifying for a mortgage because of your low credit score, which will remain low until you do something about your debt. If you know that you cannot realistically payoff your debt and make ends meet at the same time, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options under the bankruptcy code. Bankruptcy is not for everyone. That is why you should consult an experienced and knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney. Muoi Chea, Attorney at Law, has a long and successful track record of eliminating and restructuring her clients debt under Chapter 13 or 7 Bankruptcy and providing representation in Bankruptcy Court.

Special Limited Time Offer by Bankruptcy Attorney Roseville CA:

$499 down payment for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Fee plus Filing Fee to FILE case and STOP creditors.

Starting at $995 for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Fee. Fees are competitive. Payment Plans available.

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used to stop foreclosure, stop wage garnishment, stop IRS levy, and remove most liens including second mortgage and equity line of credit off your home. Call Muoi Chea, experienced bankruptcy attorney Roseville CA at (916) 441-4205 to determine if you qualify for the benefits of bankruptcy. Muoi Chea bankruptcy attorney provides debt relief for clients in Roseville California and throughout Placer County, California. Residents of Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and other cities in Placer County, California will attend Bankruptcy Court in Sacramento, California.

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Common Question asked by Clients:
Are both spouses required to file for bankruptcy?
The general answer is no. However, if you both owe significant amount of debt, you both should consider filing bankruptcy.