Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney $499+

Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney Muoi Chea has filed Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases for over 10 years. I have helped consumers and small business owners throughout Northern and Central California eliminate and restructure their debt as well as protect their assets in bankruptcy proceedings in Sacramento, California and Modesto, California Bankruptcy Courthouse.

I have a long successful track record of helping people get out of debt through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings. When you call my Bankruptcy Attorney Office to schedule a consultation, I will go over your case and give you your options under the Bankruptcy Code as well as alternatives from Bankruptcy. If Bankruptcy is not a good option for you, I will be upfront with you and let you know. If Bankruptcy is a viable option for you to consider, I will give you a quote for my services. My attorney’s fees are reasonable and affordable because my goal is to help you get out of debt.

Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney Limited Time Offer:

$499 down payment for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney fees plus Court Filing Fee. Call for details and restrictions.

$995 for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney fees plus Court Filing Fee. Call for details and restrictions.

Call Bankruptcy Lawyer Sacramento California today at (916) 441-4205 and find out how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you.

Don’t delay. Delay will only hurt you. You need to know your rights under the Bankruptcy code and stop creditors from taking legal actions. Not only can creditors harass you, but they can also file lawsuits and get a judgment. Then, they can pursue wage garnishment and bank levy and can record a lien against your real property like your home. Keep in mind some government agencies like the Internal Revenue Services, Franchise Tax Board or US Department of Education do not need to file a lawsuit in order take those actions against you. If you are delinquent on your mortgage, your home can be foreclosed. Likewise with car payments and repossession. Unfortunately debts do not go away if ignore but only gets worse and gives your creditors more time to pursue collection.

Stop dealing with your financial stress alone and call me today to find a solution out of your financial burden.