If you think that you can be four months behind on your mortgage and not worry about a foreclosure lawsuit, then you are mistaken.  You might wonder why your friends or neighbors were over 12 months behind on their mortgage about 3 to 4 years ago but did not receive a foreclosure notice and they own their home in the same region in Sacramento, Roseville, Stockton, Modesto, Woodland, and Fairfield regions in California.

If you received a foreclosure notice or a "Notice of Default", you should take it seriously if you want to save your home.  During the recession, the lenders were inundated with delinquent mortgages and most likely could not keep up.  Now as the economy is in recovery mode, the backlogs have lessen over the years.

You should act immediately and call your lender to work out an affordable payment plan for you to keep your home.  If you fail to negotiate an affordable repayment plan for your delinquent mortgage, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney to save your home from foreclosure.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can stretch out the delinquent mortgage payments up to 60 months with 0% interest rate.  You will continue to pay your monthly mortgage payment under the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy repayment plan.

Delay will only make your situation worse and limit your options.  Call Muoi Chea, an experienced and knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney about how Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can save your home from foreclosure.  She accepts foreclosure cases throughout Sacramento, Stockton, Tracy, Modesto, Woodland, Fairfield, Yuba City, Rocklin and Roseville, California regions.