You should be warned that there are thieves who will pose as IRS agent to steal your personal information and money.  You should be suspicious of any callers who ask for personal information or money or who use threats to get your personal information or money.  They may sound convincing by altering the caller ID to look like an IRS phone number or they may give you IRS titles and false badge numbers.

According to the Internal Revenue Services website:

The IRS will not:

If you don’t owe taxes, or have no reason to think that you do:

For more information, click here.  And be suspicious of any one who claims to be IRS agent.

If you have overwhelming tax debt, just remember you have options under the Bankruptcy code.  If the conditions are met, your IRS tax debt can be discharged.  Or you can eliminate the tax penalties and place the rest of the non dischargeable tax debt in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy payment plan.

To better understand your options under Bankruptcy law in dealing with tax debts, call your local experienced bankruptcy attorney.