Throughout the years as a bankruptcy attorney, I have clients asked me if they can go to jail for not paying their bills.  The question arise because they either received an email or phone call by a fictitious government representative or government office telling them to pay or go to jail.  Unless you owe child support or alimony and can afford to pay it or committed fraud, this phone call is a scam.  Do not send money to the scammers.  If you are having trouble paying your debts, consult Muoi Chea, an experienced bankruptcy attorney for options in Sacramento, Stockton, or Fairfield, CA office.

Recently, I have a friend of one of my clients who received an arrest warrant after a couple of year of receiving a judgment for deficiency from a car repossession.  It turns out that the creditor's attorney got a court order for him to appear in court to answer questions about his assets–particularly his recent purchase of a house with a substantial down payment.  The arrest warrant was issued because he did not appear in court when a judge ordered him to not because he did not pay his debt.

Moreover, it is very unusual for the Internal Revenue Service to contact you by phone demanding payment or threaten you if you do not pay them immediately.  They will mail you a letter telling you that you have IRS tax debt and the deadline that you have to pay or call them to arrange payments.  So if you get a threatening phone call by someone pretending to be the IRS who is demanding that you send them money, do not send them money because they are scammers.  Hang up and call the IRS directly to check your account.  Consult an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney who can help eliminate or reduce your debt through Chapter 13 or 7 Bankruptcy.