In a 2015 bankruptcy case reviewed by the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit, debtors can strip off a wholly unsecured junior lien from their home even though they are not entitled to a discharge under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Boukatch v. MidFirst Bank (In re Boukatch), 533 B.R. 292.  Debtors in the case filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy within the 4 years of filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which they received a discharge.  This was a "Chapter 20 Bankruptcy case" because they filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (hence, 13 + 7 equals 20).

There are cases were it can be beneficial to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy even though you are ineligible to receive a discharge.  For example, you are trying to prevent a foreclosure or IRS tax debt levy or wage garnishment by providing for a payment plan to pay off the arrears.

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