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From $499+ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Tracy CA – Muoi Chea Bankruptcy Attorney

Tracy California Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are falling behind on your mortgage or car payments and facing imminent foreclosure and repossession, you come to the right place.  If you are considering cashing out your 401K plan, IRA, or other pension plan, STOP and think twice.  The hefty taxes owed to premature liquidation of your retirement account would put you back in the same place plus the large penalties and interests charged by the Internal Revenue Services for failure to pay your tax liability in full by April 15.  Even worse, you would no longer have a nest egg that builds interests throughout the years to support you during your golden years.  You should not depend on social security alone to get you through retirement. 

There is a better alternative.  You might want to consider a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to catch-up on the arrears and reduce your car payments to something more manageable.  Not only can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy STOP FORECLOSURE AND REPOSSESSION, it can also ELIMINATE DISCHARGEABLE DEBTS like credit cards, unsecured personal loans, and medical bills. 

Or if you owe tax debts to the Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board and you cannot afford their proposed payment plan, you should also consider Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will STOP tax collectors from garnishing your wages, levying your bank accounts, and placing a lien on your home.  It can do this because it forced IRS and FTB to accept a more manageable plan payment for you for up to 60 months without penalties.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone.  You need to consult an experienced and knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney.  Muoi Chea, Bankruptcy Attorney has a long history of providing excellent bankruptcy representation in Court.  She helps residence of Tracy, Modesto, Stockton, and throughout San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County, California.

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop foreclosure, car repossession, IRS tax levy, lawsuits, wage garnishment and bank levy. Call Muoi Chea, experienced bankruptcy attorney, at (209) 751-7448 to learn more and determine if you qualify for the benefits of bankruptcy.

We do not accept cases that do not qualify for bankruptcy protection.  It is to your advantage to seek legal advice immediately before creditors take away your assets or if the law change or your situation change to the extent that it disqualifies you of bankruptcy filing.  My advice during the consultation is free and you are under no obligation.