Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be used to stop auto repossession and reduced payments.

Are you in danger of auto repossession? You can file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to spread out the payment up to 60 months. You may also reduce the interests and cram down the principal loan balance. You may even cut off part of the negative trade-in added to you current auto loan.

Not only can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy help you with your auto loan, it can also reorganized mortgage arrears and tax debt from the Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board. It may even eliminate some or all tax debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can also eliminate some or all of your dischargeable unsecured debts like credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, deficiency from repossession.

Of course, conditions must be met in order to qualify for these benefits. For further information, call experienced Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney Muoi Chea with bankruptcy attorney offices to serve you.

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