Get Relief from Wage Garnishment & Bank Levy through Bankruptcy

What is Wage Garnishment & Bank Levy?  And Can Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment & Bank Levy? If you owe money and fell behind on payments, your creditors can sue you for the amount owed.  Once your creditors received a judgment against you in court, they can attempt to collect on the judgment by recording an […]

Will Creditors Stop Calling Me and Demanding Payment Once I Filed Bankruptcy?

Will creditors stop calling me and demanding payment once I filed Bankruptcy? Upon filing of Bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, “Automatic Stay” takes effect.  Under the Bankruptcy Code, Automatic Stay prevents creditor from attempting to collect on a debt, which includes calling you to demand payment. However, creditors might […]

What can I do to Stop Wage Garnishment?

What can I do to stop wage garnishment? Filing for Bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, will stop most wage garnishment because Automatic Stay takes into effect upon filing which stops creditors from collection activities.  However, automatic stay will not stop wage garnishment for child support or alimony.  Domestic support obligation are priority […]

What does “Automatic Stay” mean in Bankruptcy?

What does “Automatic Stay” mean in bankruptcy? Upon filing of a Bankruptcy petition, creditors, including tax collectors, are prohibited from any attempts to collect from you because “Automatic Stay” is in effect. This means, creditor calls, repossession, foreclosure, lawsuit (with some exceptions), and other collection efforts must stop immediately. Automatic stay does not stop actions […]