Can I Remove Judicial Liens from My Home through Bankruptcy?

Can I remove judicial liens from my home through Bankruptcy? When a creditor filed a lawsuit and received a judgment against you, the creditor can levy your bank account, garnish your wages, or record an abstract judgment with your county recorder’s office in hopes that you own real estate in the county.  Abstracts of judgment become […]

Bankruptcy and Car Repossession

What are my options under the Bankruptcy Law regarding Car Repossession? Under the bankruptcy law, debtor has three options for car payment relief: 1. Redemption: If you pay the lienholder the fair market value of the vehicle in a lump sum payment, you can discharge the remaining debt. 2. Voluntary repossession: One way to achieve debt relief is […]

How can I Improve my Credit Score after Bankruptcy?

For Bankruptcy Filers in Sacramento, Stockton, Fairfield, Modesto, Calfornia area (and nearby cities), you can rebuild your credit after Bankruptcy.  Even though the notation Bankruptcy will be in your credit report for up to 10 years, there are steps that you can take after Bankruptcy filing to improve your credit score. Establish positive credit history. […]